Meet the Team

Alycia Edgar

Hey! I’m Alycia Edgar. I believe you should be able to derive as much profit as possible for the time and money you invest in your business. 

What do I Know About This? 

I’m a reformed accountant of 20 years, had my own accounting and coaching practice for 10 years and have spent time in the workforce in training, systems implementation and business advisory. But my most recent gig, that’s the one that has cemented all my knowledge, as a Digital Marketing Advisor for an agency to accounting firms. (And I still work with them, I love it!)  

As you can probably tell from my experience I'm not one of those boring accountants! (in fact, people would laugh at me when I said I was an accountant. They didn't believe me!) And I also owned a surf shop for 5 years, yeah I know that’s a bit random isn't it? Taught me a lot.  

In all that time working with business owners, I saw the struggle to grow their business. I was having the same issue too! But, how do you learn all the things necessary to grow your business, and find the time to do so? While adhoc efforts can create some wins, it’s exhausting. I was so exhausted I walked away from my business. And left my profession all together! I look back on it now, and I know exactly what I didn’t do that was imperative for long term sustainable growth. I was missing just two things.  

Strategy and a sustainable system for lead generation.  

I didn’t have a strategy. I had lots of moving parts, lots of marketing things but no clear path to make them work together. And while I had all the pieces of a lead generation funnel, I wasn’t driving enough leads to the funnel to make it sustainable.  

No lead system = stagnant growth  

No strategy = no sustainability  

And now? Now I help business coaches and consultants ensure they have the right strategy in place to grow their business, and generate leads to a sustainable funnel. 

How do I do that?  

I offer coaching services focusing on strategy and creating a sustainable leads funnel. And marketing services focusing on lead generation, through Facebook advertising.  

But Who Am I Really? 

I’m fiercely independent, passionate about business and a massive idea generator. 

I’m a no B.S kinda gal. I will always call out the elephant in the room. 

I simplify the complicated and have an extreme ability to get mountain loads of stuff done and help others do the same. 

I love coffee and working in my coffice. My best days start with a walk on the beach watching the sunrise.... its spectacular. 

I love change, thrive on it.  

I love to write. 

I love to travel and I’m on a mission to create the ultimate travelling lifestyle that cohabits nicely with my passion for helping you generate leads.  

I also believe in being fully me, no holding back, no dulling my sparkle. If you can handle sparkle in your business we’ll get along famously.  

Let's get started.

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